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PEPY Empowering Youth is a unique Cambodian-run organization that fights educational inequalities by offering Dream Management Classes, Scholarships, and academic, physical, and mental support to high school and university students from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds in Siem Reap and Kamphong Thom provinces. PEPY’s programs are designed holistically in response to research on barriers to higher education and employment, and target both specific skills, such as in practical English and ICT, as well as broader areas to build confidence, like music and communication. They offer practical and enlightening experiences that simultaneously encourage students to go to university and pursue skilled jobs that they often don’t know are available to them; for example, PEPY invites local business or academic representatives to speak with Dream Class students about what jobs and scholarships are available and what skills are required.

The impacts of these programs have been huge: high school graduation rates have more than doubled in PEPY’s target areas since Dream Classes have started, parents and communities have shown increased awareness of the importance of students staying in school, Scholarship students receive jobs they thought were unreachable before, and employers note the exceptional skills and readiness of the PEPY students they employ, to name just a few!

PEPY has an incredible network of supporters who are passionate about sustainably improving the lives of young Cambodians via education and empowerment. And they are always hoping to expand that network and get to know more generous, dedicated, and compassionate people around the world.


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About PEPY

PEPY Empowering Youth is a Cambodia-based education and youth-leadership non-profit organization (LNGO). Their mission is to empower youth to pursue bright futures, improve the quality of their lives, and achieve their dream careers.

Siem Reap Province, despite booming tourism in its capital, is one of the poorest regions in the country. Most families earn their livelihoods through agriculture, and awareness of the value of education is low. For this reason, children are often not supported financially and mentally to continue through high school and on to university. Moreover, in order to earn enough money for their families to live, many youth end up migrating illegally to neighboring countries where wages are higher, but conditions are unsafe and exploitative. As a result, in rural areas, drop out rates are high, access to skilled employment is rare, and young people have low ambitions.

The PEPY Empowering Youth founding team was inspired by the belief that education is the key to sustainable improvement in raising standards of living. Through education and community development programs, PEPY Empowering Youth has reached thousands of youth in two rural districts of Siem Reap Province, by encouraging them to dream big about their futures, giving them the resources and skills to reach these dreams, and supporting them with necessary skills to succeed in today’s labor market. Additionally, through community initiatives and partnerships with other like-minded organizations, PEPY is able to illustrate the tangible benefits brought by educational programs, especially ones that are continually adapted to students’ and employers’ needs.

PEPY’s main activities are the Dream Management Project, which encourages high school students to continue their education and think big about their career opportunities, provides them with empowerment training so they can plan practical ways of achieving their dreams, and connects them with opportunities such as sharing events with local employers and scholarships; the Learning Center, which offers critical-thinking and context-based training based on key skill gaps as reported by Cambodian employers to university students, includes three programs: English, ICT, and Youth Empowerment. The latter program aims at building students’ confidence, creativity, and communications capacities. Lastly, PEPY provides scholarships to around thirty students each year to committed but financially disadvantaged students (most are from Dream classes), supporting them with tuition fees, healthcare, a living allowance, a bicycle for transportation, mentoring support, and access to the Learning Center.